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WoW Cataclysm

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Comic #107

Tags:s world of warcraft cataclysm s hey wait s didn't Shannon drive that car off a cliff? s hmmm

Author's Comment

Fun fact: at the time of making this comic, my Orc Death Knight is still Level 83....but I also have a wicked upcoming Troll Druid and a dapper Worgen Warrior :3

Also Fun Fact: I like Alliance, so nya :P

Uploaded by SupaDave at 18:00 on 17 December


Katy Mills Mall

Gravatar Posted 10:14
Sat 11 December
by Psyguy

Hey! Do you live in Katy/Houston, TX? Then check out Heroes World in Katy Mills Mall - where they're selling the gg-guys books for half the price!


Gravatar Posted 18:12
Fri 10 December
by Psyguy

That's Liz with short hair. Deal.