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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2

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Comic #140


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Ever wonder what happens to those rings Sonic loses while so high up in the air? Yeaaaaaaahhh.

Uploaded by Psyguy at 12:54 on 29 June


April FOOZ

Gravatar Posted 21:11
Sun 01 April
by Psyguy

If you came to the site on the 1st you probably noticed things weren't as they seemed. I directly took comics from Bob and George and slapped in GG-Guys sprites. Yep. There ain't no shame in my game don't hate the player hate the game.

We now resume our regularly scheduled program already in progress.

What exactly was Amber playing on her phone? And holy crap she spoke!

Gravatar Posted 11:54
Mon 12 March
by Psyguy

Amber was playing Tiny Tower, a free game for the iPhone. It’s a lot of fun and you should check it out.

And, yes! She did speak. My amazing and totally legitimate reason I didn’t pull out of my ass is as follows: she blew out her voice. That’s right.

I don’t really want to do a comic addressing this because then it shines and odd light on the whole thing. The reason Amber is talking now is that I felt, as a writer, I committed a lot of web-comic cliches that I disagree with. One of them being the female of the comic is just there for 1) fan service or 2) to be a bitch or 3) to fall in love with the geeky main character. I hate that shit.

Amber didn’t talk in the beginning because I didn’t write her any lines. Not on purpose I was just like HUR HUR FUNNY JOKE DAVE AND PSY DAVE AND PSY and then people were noticing a pattern of…Amber never spoke. Then we have all that weirdness of cycling through a female lead blah blah blah - fast forward to today!

I want Amber to be part of the group and a girl. I don’t want her to be part of the group but a girl. Her gender should be secondary to her interaction with the main characters. I have plenty of female friends and they don’t come out and shout I AM A WOMAN mid sentence. Except Gina. Weirdo.

I dunno maybe I’m taking this whole web-comic thing too seriously but I really feel like I did a disservice to the female cast (and audience) of gg-guys and having Amber just kind of start speaking like it’s not a big deal is what it should be. Vs. a 12 part mini series on why Amber spoke or didn’t speak.

At one point we we’re going to make her a super hero and Martin was going to be the reporter following her around.