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Arctic Combat

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Comic #143

Tags:Where combat takes place in the Arctic except it doesn't which is false advertising honestly

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HEY! Couple things! 1! We're gonna be at Youmacon with our own panel. Watch THIS for more info.

2nd! Dave's open for commissions! He could use a little help so why not buy something custom and unique from the artist of the comic you love so much?

Uploaded by SupaDave at 07:53 on 24 September



Gravatar Posted 07:55
Mon 24 September
by SupaDave

Came across this trailer for the free-to-play online first-person-shooter, Artic Combat -- -- and the first thing I noticed was the player's character shouting most, if not all, of their actions, including such classics as "CHANGING MAG" and "RELOADING".

I know it's a game, but do you think real soldiers out in the field would be shouting every possible thing they're doing? Ya know, unless they REALLY wanted their heads blown off?

Just sayin'.