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BRB GG-guys!

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Comic #144

Tags:If you can make it to Youmacon, please say hi! There will be many high-fives And butt touching mmmmm

Author's Comment

Edit: Check out the panel here!

The GG-guys are totally hard at work on the next big comic! And totally not as Youmacon 2012 in two weeks! With their very first GG-guys panel! Totally not! (it's gonna be the best panel EVER)

Uploaded by SupaDave at 05:58 on 24 October


Youmacon 2012!!

Gravatar Posted 06:01
Wed 24 October
by SupaDave

Edit: And here's the panel!

If only comics were like this: sitting in a pink room, surrounded by text, wearing sunglasses, working on machines there were unplugged, slamming our fingers into keyboards and tablets. Ahh, such bliss.

If you weren't aware, in two weeks the GG-guys shall be hitting up Youmacon 2012, with our very first ever panel! Not to mention there's also the awesome people of Wha-Chow! doing a super-awesome mega panel with Q&A's and a live reading of Toy Story 2!

We're gonna party like it's 1899! If you can make it, come to the panels and say hi!