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Comic #148

Tags:I can't wait for the Xbox 720 and Halo 5000 And not having money

Author's Comment

This pretty much happens when ANY new console comes out. It's all about the games man...

Uploaded by SupaDave at 20:04 on 25 January


Youmacon 2012 aftermath!

Gravatar Posted 00:16
Wed 14 November
by SupaDave

Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan, Youmacon was absolutely amazing! Got to meet up with so many amazing people who I admire and just goof off!

We had our Wha-Chow panel, which was a big success! Had tons of fun being silly (and I got to sit near Doug Walker and Linkara! Sweeeeeeeeeeet). We also had the GG-guys panel, which wasn' much of a success, but we still had fun! Still happy that a few people turned up to the panel, including this awesome Daveweena cosplayer!!

If you'd like to hear all about our exploits at Youmacon, tune in to this weeks Wha-Chow! this Wednesday at 7pm central (11am Aussie time) for all the fun stories and adventures we had!