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Let down easy cards

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Comic #149

Tags:Inside every card it says "Happy Valentines Day" Or buy a goat

Author's Comment

For all you single folks out there, have a good one! Watch out for all the lovely couples in cars, bicycles and walking the streets. Don't go alone. Take plenty of chocolate!

Uploaded by SupaDave at 21:28 on 11 Febuary


Youmacon 2012 aftermath!

Gravatar Posted 00:16
Wed 14 November
by SupaDave

Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan, Youmacon was absolutely amazing! Got to meet up with so many amazing people who I admire and just goof off!

We had our Wha-Chow panel, which was a big success! Had tons of fun being silly (and I got to sit near Doug Walker and Linkara! Sweeeeeeeeeeet). We also had the GG-guys panel, which wasn' much of a success, but we still had fun! Still happy that a few people turned up to the panel, including this awesome Daveweena cosplayer!!

If you'd like to hear all about our exploits at Youmacon, tune in to this weeks Wha-Chow! this Wednesday at 7pm central (11am Aussie time) for all the fun stories and adventures we had!