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Where's Wario?

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Comic #57

Tags:wally waldo wario winnie the pooh where's wally mario Where's Wario

Uploaded by SupaDave at 23:44 on 11 September


Where's Wario?

Gravatar Posted 23:47
Fri 11 September
by SupaDave

Wario, Wally and Winnie the Pooh. Priceless.

This comic brought something to my attention: is Wario an elf? Far as I know, he's meant to be the anti-Mario, but he has the pointy ears and shoes like an elf (compared to Mario who is, as I imagine, "human"). Is he like some parallel version of Mario from another part of the Mushroom Kingdom?

Is there an elf kingdom somewhere where various elf-versions of the Mushroom characters wait and plot their eventual demise? Is Wario (and Waluigi for that matter) the forefront of an evil invasion of body doubles that plan to overthrow the entire Kingdom, usurping Princess Peach and King Bowser in one brutal devastating war?

Does Nintendo give a shit? Who knows.