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Toy Story 3

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Comic #66

Tags:toy story toy story 3 woody buzz lightyear rex ham andy

Author's Comment

Well, hey, they do see "eeeevvvveeerrryyyythhiiiinnnggggg"

Uploaded by SupaDave at 20:00 on 13 November


Videos and Swag!

Gravatar Posted 21:15
Fri 13 November
by Psyguy

Hey guys! Check out the new swag in the gg-guys store! And then check out this movie Little Kuriboh did for us!

Save the Computer, Save the Porn

Gravatar Posted 20:00
Fri 13 November
by SupaDave

Probably this should be considered "Toy Story 2.5", since in the movie Andy has a computer already, I think.

Woody probably didn't think it through when he said to Sid that they see "everything". Cause if that's true....those poor poor toys.