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Fall of the Lich King

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Comic #81

Tags:the lich king is dead all hail our new king DAVE fuck this frozen throne is cold on the ass

Author's Comment

Edit: April 2nd, 2010. We won the March Comic contest!

The Lich King has spoken!....but is not entirely understood. Think Tirion needs his hearing checked.

Went a little overboard on this one. Good experience with painting digitally....although i'm probably not gonna do it again, unless its like, 1-2 panels. Too much work, but eh, was still a good experience.

edit: For Epic WoW Spoilers check this video.

Uploaded by SupaDave at 19:23 on 26 Febuary


Social Media Buttons go BYE BYE

Gravatar Posted 14:41
Sat 27 Febuary
by Psyguy

Alright - I removed a LOT of the extra "redidit up" or "digg this" buttons - the problem is if those buttons didn't load the entire site would bog down and not load very fast at all. I completely removed those buttons and now I'd say the site is loading a LOT faster. Sorry for not figuring this out sooner :P

Alternate Ending

Gravatar Posted 19:46
Fri 26 Febuary
by SupaDave

Had some spare time and came up with an awesome alternate ending!!!!!

You can find it here!!!!!